Poet. Writer. Photographer.



Montgomery Maxton

MONTGOMERY MAXTON (b. 29 June 1980) was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Upon graduating high school the newspaper editor and class poet, he briefly attended the University of Cincinnati. A poet and photographer since 16, Maxton left Cincinnati for Columbus before then living in Philadelphia, and currently New York City. His poetic work briefly appeared in journals, anthologies, and websites in the 2000’s decade before he removed himself from the time-consuming and competitive process citing no patience for waiting and no backbone for competition. Simultaneously, his work as a photographer rocketed him to new levels when in 2007 National Geographic began to publish selections of his work, including a portrait of Barack Obama that was seen around the world. Working in dot-com and tech industries since the age of 19, Maxton was an early user of social media to build his brand awareness. A  savvy businessman, in 2010 he created his own private publishing company which has subsequently published all of his work. In the late 2010s his art, his New York lifestyle, management of a tech company on Wall Street, his highly watched private life, and his social media popularity combined to create the current version of Montgomery Maxton. The decade saw the release of all four of his books, with a fifth, his debut novel, scheduled for release the summer of 2019.